OCR.NET SDK Tesseract Engine

DevScope OCR SDK is a Optical Character Recognition toolkit engine based on Google’s open-source Tesseract OCR v3  that allows to develop applications using Microsoft .NET frameworks, that accurately recognizes characters in a scanned document image without the need to track and pay for each desktop, server or mobile deployment.

It’s 100% royalty free.

Available as free trial download or full featured license. Is compatible with Microsoft.NET framework and also the first to support Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT – Surface.

See more at:


Quickly discover trends, patterns & data insights with this easy to use analytic app for Excel 2013.

No modelling necessary, just point to any Excel table to see what stories your data can tell you.

Highlighted features:

  • Automatic date/time handling
  • Automatic chart suggestions
  • Filterable through Excel filters
  • Bubble Charts with trends
  • Pie Charts
  • Trend Charts (all or by category)
  • Multi charts (all measures)


(note: Excel 2013 is required to install & run SmartCharts App)

SmartCharts is a Data Discovery tool for Excel, & part of DevScope DataInsights platform.

See more at:


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